Designing for Television


I recently finished a project for an hour long documentary produced by KBYU TV. Directed by Rob Sibley and hosted by Gerald Lund, the documentary looks at the Mormon Pioneers who literally cut a trail into solid rock to take their wagons through the San Juan River basin in 1879. My role in the project was to work on the graphics, which included creating a logo and maps with the trails the pioneers took in the region. I also designed the supers indicating who was speaking as well as the quotes contained in the film. Finally, I designed the background for those being interviewed. Below are some of the elements I created for the show:


Logo based on wood type and ornaments from the 1800s (Rosewood, Cottonwood and Trade Gothic are the typefaces).


Hole in the Rock Map

Map of the Four Corners region.


super identifying interview participants

Super indicating name/title of those being interviewed.


quote from Hole in the Rock

Template for quotes.


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