Sneak Peak of New Poster!

Baseball Poster

Just in time to coincide with the playoffs, my poster about baseball is almost finished. It’s been 3 or 4 years since I unveiled the Typographic Matchmaking poster. It took some time to decide what to design next and then even longer to find time to design it (it turns out chairing a department at a university is quite time-intensive). I decided it might be interesting to create a poster that focused on figures (numbers) instead of letterforms. After some brainstorming it dawned on me “What could be more numbers intensive than statistics from baseball?” It’s a theme ripe with visual possibilities, too. The poster will also be interactive (in an old-school sort of way)! Check back in a week or two, when you can pre-order the poster. Or post a message below and I’ll shoot you an email when we’re ready to go.

Let’s play ball!

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